Where do you shop?

We shop at a variety of traditional stores such as Whole Foods, and select smaller specialty shops and farmers markets. If you have a particular store or type of food you prefer, just let us know and we will be happy to shop accordingly. We can accommodate any kosher, organic or sustainable/green shopping requests.

Do you have a menu for me to pick from?

All menus are created custom for you and your family based upon personal preferences, nutritional concerns and dietary restrictions. We welcome any family favorite suggestions and will work with you until you are happy with the menu prior to the scheduled event, cook date or class.

What is the cost of your services, and how is payment handled?

All pricing is custom just like our menus. Price depends on the number of items to be prepared and quantity requested. All pricing includes in-person menu consultation, menu development,shopping for all groceries, preparation and storage of prepared items and cleaning of your kitchen when we are done. Estimates are provided for LDK Kitchen’s time and services. Groceries and food costs are additional and copies of receipts will be provided with the invoice. All food costs are passed through at cost with no markup and we do our very best to estimate what these costs will be.  This arrangement allows individuals and families to have greater control over food costs as needed. 

If you are in need of staffing or rental equipment (tables, glasses, plates etc.) for an event, we are more than happy to coordinate everything needed. These costs are also always billed directly at cost with no added markup for our clients. 

Online bank transfers and checks are accepted forms of payment. 

How is the weekly chef service food stored?

LDK Kitchen recommends storing food in glass containers but is happy to use dishes or containers you already have in your home. If you would like new storage vessels we are happy to purchase on your behalf and add to your estimate.

What equipment do I need?

We will schedule a free in-home consultation and Chef Lauren will chat with you about the equipment you have in your kitchen to ensure we have everything needed to prepare your meals. 

Can you accommodate my dietary needs?

Of course! Gluten-Free, Diary Free, Kosher, Vegetarian, Low Sugar, Low Calorie; we have done it all! Just be sure to chat about any of these requests in your initial consultation.

Is LDK Kitchen insured?

Yes, we are fully insured to prepare and serve food in your home. 

How do I get started?!

Let’s get cooking! Once you contact LDK Kitchen, we will schedule a consultation with Che Lauren in your home to discuss your needs and see how we can best work together. After the initial consultation we will develop a meal plan for your approval prior to the scheduled cook date so you know exactly what you will be receiving on the designated cook or event date.